Application Platform

Xpose3 is our next generation software platform aimed to support integrated decision making, execution and reporting in the financial industry.  In the field of finance and investments the quality of decisions is the key differentiator. Accurate position and risk exposure information, and comprehensive portfolio and benchmark analysis are paramount factors of superior performance.  Xpose3 delivers leading innovation in several aspects.

The cutting edge platform approach is implemented in a multi tier software architecture to provide a versatile solution that meets the demanding needs of financial institutions. Xpose3 provides the combination of spreadsheet level flexibility and enterprise grade architecture to enable unrivaled workflow adaptability and the reliability and scalability needed in the financial services industry.

The powerful user interface integrates all business objects and external resources into a personalized easy to use framework to simultaneously meet the needs of both casual users and application experts. The open and highly interoperable end-to-end Java technology is able to integrate into any corporate information technology environment and interact with legacy systems, office productivity applications and internet or intranet resources.

On the core functionality level Xpose3 features true multi currency capabilities and delivers wide range of asset class support including money-market, fixed income, equities, investment fund units and various derivative instruments. The portfolio and position construction capabilities support advanced composite creation and multi-level decomposition.  Xpose3 reimplements the entire feature set of the MAXTRAQ suite in the new environment and provides advanced benchmarking capabilities for both asset only and asset-liability frameworks.

Comprehensive modelling, risk- and scenario analysis features support risk monitoring and evaluation. The communication and reporting processes are addressed by the fully integrated reporting framework that contains a powerful report designer and ready to serve both regular and ad-hoc reporting needs.

Thanks to its open architecture and versatile core functionality Xpose3 can be deployed in either complementary or primary roles depending on the business objectives and the properties of the existing software infrastructure.


Designed to seamlessly operate in heterogeneous enterprise class environments. The platform supports the commonly used enterprise software stacks to enable the choice of optimal environment for each organization.


Depending on the deployed modules and feature sets the Xpose3 Platform can be operated by small user groups in simple roles or able to handle complex multi-department workloads and meet with business critical requirements.


The platform is ready to work with standard data sources like Microsoft Excel, SQL, market data vendor terminals or web-services and has flexibility to utilize custom data connectors to work with legacy systems.


The security framework applied in the Xpose3 Platform is separating user roles and able to enforce procedure level access control on business objects and actions.


The platform provides a complete set of audit trail comprising activity, session, change, and event logs to enable the audit of the results provided by the system. System administrators or dedicated compliance users are able monitor and inspect every activity within the platform.

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