In the last years our client base has shown steady growth and in these days almost every domestic financial services group represented. Thanks to the wide client base our company possesses thorough knowledge of the leading institutional users’ professional requirements and preferences.

The widely used [XPOSE] platform, was introduced in 2007. It provides advanced modeling, performance measurement and valuation services for institutional fixed income portfolios.

In 2001 we established a development partnership with the Hungarian Government Debt Management Agency and cooperated in the improvement of [XPOSE] platform and in the creation of the technical background of the ZMAX money market index.

Besides the above our client base contains several leading institutions like:

Allianz Hungária Insurance

CIB Investment Fund Management

Generali Asset Management

Hungarian Debt Management Agency

NN – ING Insurance

K&H Securities Investment Fund Management

Amundi Investment Fund Management

Raiffeisen Investment Fund Management