Our professional team have several years accumulated experience both in finance and in software engineering. This highly valuable expertise can provide great contribution to your software projects. When new software is purchased or developed the project sponsor very often is in need of professionals with the necessary expertise and knowledge to synthesize the business and technology aspects. The needed professionals have to command through understanding of institutional finance, software development and project management to be able to give the proper guidance to specialists through the project life cycle. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of finance and technology hence are able to accurately help your project delivery from the definition of initial vision to production. Our consulting service provides additional tools to improve project delivery by including full access to our online project management system that enables the tracking of resource utilization, project workflow and schedule information.


Forum Digital has relevant experience in custom financial application development and integration projects. Our competence and resources can be greatly leveraged to deliver internal financial software development projects successfully. Our core advantage in custom development resides in the architectural foundation of the new Xpose3 Platform. Xpose3 is built on the complex interconnection of highly flexible reusable components designed to address various specific tasks and entities in institutional finances from data input through position handling and valuation to custom reporting. These components can be connected and configured to build up various custom applications with unprecedented speed, and ready to address wide range of client needs from entry level position reporting to advanced multiperiod forecasting and risk management. This existing technology advantage can save considerable amounts of otherwise necessary developer resources and significantly decreases project overhead, hence directly translates as a competitive advantage for the sponsor. The cornerstone of our project delivery method is the early defect recognition and issue resolution by driving the project through iteration cycles. This iterative model simultaneously helps to build systems that meet the expectations of major stakeholders and mitigate the major risk factors that arise in every software development project. The complete project execution is controlled by our online project management system that handles the major aspects of the project and enables direct collaboration, progress tracking and reporting.


To enable our clients to take full advantage of our systems we provide technical and functional support services in accordance with the individual service plan linked to each system. We strive to build strong professional relationships with our clients to provide premier services by understanding the interaction between their business processes and our systems in production. If one of our users has a quick question or is faced with a complex problem and needs detailed instructions our skilled professionals are always accessible and ready to consult whether it is a pure technical issue or involves advanced financial knowledge. In our support process each request is registered, categorized and followed by a dedicated professional from diagnosis to resolution to track progress and ensure high quality service delivery. Our service coverage can be tailored to the client and may include priority response times, extended availability and on site support options to align the service level with the business role of the system.


Skilled and competent people are undoubtedly the most valuable resource for every company in the financial industry. To assure the appropriate knowledge transfer we provide various site trainings that are tailored to the deployed feature matrix, content requirements and group profile. Our skilled professionals assess the user group readiness and contribute to define training requirements, plan and organize the custom training programme to ensure the adequate competence building.